I recently finished a revision of Gesundheit, Tallulah Pie, a frenemy novel for middle-grade readers, starring a girl with two dads and the secret power to hear small animals, insects, and the occasional inanimate object, who with her little sister, a drag queen mentor, and a loyal fly named Fred go up against a popular girl who dispenses pistachios and humiliation with equal verve. There are noisy stuffed lambs, a foul-mouthed hamster, a very high-stakes talent show, and lessons to be learned about family, secrecy, and shade.

On the academic side, my last big piece of research was a qualitative study of the National AIDS Memorial Grove, published in Social Problems. Here it is. A little while before that, I wrote a book chapter on sexting scandals, a follow-up to some research I did a while back on sex scandals. It was published in a book on Scandal in a Digital Age, edited by Hinda Mandell and Gina Masullo Chen.

As of January 2018, I am an Academic Assistant Dean at the University of San Francisco, doing this and that for the College of Arts and Sciences and writing when I can.